Board Members

Ohio District Board Members

Your Executive Board Members and Lieutenant Governors work tirelessly throughout the year to make sure their respective divisions and the Ohio District as a whole is running smoothly.

Congrats to all of our new board members!


Lillie Swinehart

Secretary – Treasurer

Noah Lowery

Bulletin Editor

Lydia Booth


Abbey Staats 


Claire Loos

Division 2

Trenton Douthwaite

Division 3

Kelley Nguyen

Division 4E

Blessing Arimany

Division 4W

Sian Hernit

Division 5

Rita Zhou Wang

Division 6

Sarah Lee

Division 9

Hannah Riley

Division 10E

Maddie Nardo

Division 10S

Emily Hannah

Division 10W

Spencer Cook

Division 11

Rachel Madore

Division 12E

Bree Small

Division 12W

Olivia Thomas

Division 14

 Ady Lakota

Division 15

Jun Sun

Division 16W&16E

Mansi Pathak

Division 17

 Colin Brown

Division 18E

Fumika Hoshi

Division 18W

Chloe Whitehouse

Division 20

Reese Walter

Division 21

Jackson Kemats

Division 24

Betsy Myers

Division 25

 Arissa Samblanet