Ohio District Board Members

Your Executive Board Members and Lieutenant Governors work tirelessly throughout the year to make sure their respective divisions and the Ohio District as a whole is running smoothly.

Congrats to all of our newly appointed board members!



Esam Hammoudi  eshammoudi@gmail.com

Secretary - Treasurer

Eli R. Cole  Colee18@westsenators.org

Bulletin Editor

Stephanie Bell  Stephanierosemarie7@gmail.com


Alexis Lee  AlexisLee1999@gmail.com


Rachel Wegner  Rachel.Wegener@ymail.com

Division 2

Kellie Roach Kroach@wlstigers.net

Division 3

Landin Brown ljbrown99@gmail.com

Division 4E

Leslie Alas alas10099@scsdoh.org

Division 4W

Ashley Newbold newbolda@alterhs.org

Division 5

Amily ZhouWang zhouwangam@talawanda.org

Division 6

Katelyn Stocker katelynstocker2018@gmail.com

Division 7 & 8

William Weston westywilliam99@aol.com

Division 10E

Noah Malik noahsatish@gmail.com

Division 10S

Ayaa Asoba aasoba@artcollegeprep.org

Division 10W

Saeema Syed saeema787@gmail.com

Division 11

Elizabeth Harris elizabethkharris20@gmail.com

Division 12E

Lillie Swinehart lillieswinehart28@gmail.com

Division 12W

Mason Olds masonmolds@hotmail.com

Division 14

Charlie Adams chazadams622@gmail.com

Division 15

Max Campbell maxlukegames@gmail.com

Division 16W

Jacob Waleri j.waleri@yahoo.com

Division 17

Jaime Petit jlpetit0727@aol.com

Division 18W

Olivia Corder wm18ocorder@westmschools.org

Division 21

Jacob Pittman jacobjpittman@gmail.com

Division 24

Sarath Kareti ohkcd24@gmail.com

Division 25

Abigail Slaubaugh abigail.slaubaugh@gmail.com