Ohio District Board Members

Your Executive Board Members and Lieutenant Governors work tirelessly throughout the year to make sure their respective divisions and the Ohio District as a whole is running smoothly.

Congrats to all of our newly appointed board members!



Noah Malik  noahsatish@gmail.com

Secretary – Treasurer

Lillie Swinehart  lillieswinehart28@gmail.com

Bulletin Editor

Charlie Adams  chazadams622@gmail.com


Betsy Myers betsymyers2021@gmail.com  


Noah Lowery  nlowery@bayschoolsohio.org

Division 2

Anna Louden loudenanna@gmail.com

Division 3

Courtney Snell courtneysnell15@gmail.com

Division 4E

Allison Knowlton knowltonag6762@gmail.com

Division 4W

Lydia Booth lydbooth4@gmail.com

Division 5

Jenny Lee jennylee676@gmail.com

Division 6

Katelyn Stocker katelynstocker2018@gmail.com

Division 7 & 8

Division 10E

Carrie Dietz cdietz.623@gmail.com

Division 10S

Megan Burton themeganburton@gmail.com

Division 10W

Ayat Bhutta ayat.bhutta@gmail.com

Division 11

Bree Small 21bsmall@stu.mvcsd.us

Division 12E

Elizabeth Harris elizabethkharris20@gmail.com

Division 12W

Gage Koenig gagekoenigx2000@gmail.com

Division 14

Sarah Puterbaugh sputerbaugh@bayschoolsohio.org

Division 15

Division 16W

Division 17

Jillian Petit jvpetit0630@gmail.com

Division 18W

Rachel Taylor ohkc18w@gmail.com

Division 20

Abbey Staats abbey8201@gmail.com

Division 21

Emma Kelly ekelly014@gmail.com

Division 24

Ryan Bolin bolinry10@gmail.com

Division 25

Abigail Slaubaugh abigail.slaubaugh@gmail.com