This year, the Ohio District of Key Club has decided to tackle one of the most prevalent issues for high school students today: mental health. To make the biggest impact, we couldn’t just pick one charity. 

The Yellow Tulip Project

The Yellow Tulip Project focuses on smashing the stigma that surrounds mental illness and building a community where people realize there is help and hope out there. When founder Julia Hansen was in middle school and until her sophomore year in high school she definitely felt alone in dealing with her own depression. The deafening silence and stigma that surrounds the topic kept her from reaching out for help. It took the tragedy of losing her two best friends to suicide in 2015-2016 for her to find her voice and to speak out.  She had an idea – to create a space for determined youth to eradicate stigma, build community, and inspire productive conversations about how to combat the rising rates of suicide. The Yellow Tulip Project was born from this vision. The yellow tulip represents happiness and hope. They also remind Julia of her two best friends who she lost to suicide. The tulip was one friend’s favorite flower and yellow was the other’s favorite color.  We want to help others realize that even in the darkest places, hope is always there and suicide should never be an option. We are fiercely dedicated to helping people know that there are ways to get help, people there for them and that circumstances can and will change.

Mission: To smash the stigma surrounding mental illness and to build a community of people who realize that hope happens when youth and community leaders work together. We hope that someday mental illness will be as normal to talk about as any physical illness, and are fiercely dedicated to making this goal a reality.


NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

NAMI does many things to help those struggling with mental illness:

We educate. Offered in thousands of communities across the United States through NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates, our education programs ensure hundreds of thousands of families, individuals and educators get the support and information they need.

We advocate. NAMI shapes national public policy for people with mental illness and their families and provides volunteer leaders with the tools, resources and skills necessary to save mental health in all states.

We listen. Our toll-free NAMI HelpLine allows us to respond personally to hundreds of thousands of requests each year, providing free information and support—a much-needed lifeline for many.

We lead. Public awareness events and activities, including Mental Illness Awareness Week and NAMIWalks, successfully fight stigma and encourage understanding. NAMI works with reporters on a daily basis to make sure our country understands how important mental health is.

Mission: We raise funds and awareness for Mental Illness

If you feel inclined and would like to donate, click here

To get more information on NAMI, please click here

How your home Key Club can help:

  • Start a suicide hotline at your school
  • Post suicide prevention information in the restrooms
  • Host a bake sale
  • Create a hope garden at your school
  • Take the stigma free pledge found here
  • Sell The Yellow Tulip Project Merchandise