If you require a document that is not on this list, please look at International’s Advisor’s Archives. If you would like to make a request for a document addition, please contact us.

Membership Update Center

Key Clubs, in good standing, can use the Membership Update Center to add new members and update records after officer elections. The Key Club’s Kiwanis or faculty advisor should update the club officers at the Membership Update Center after officer elections. Then, the club secretary can follow these steps to update membership and club information.

Advisor Guide

As an advisor, you take on the responsibility to mentor Key Club members as they discover their heart to serve, answer their call to lead, and exercise the courage to engage.
The advisor guide is divided into three sections:
Advisor tools: practical resources for advisors, Service leadership model: tools to implement the service, leadership and engagement learning model, and Kiwanis International support: resources and support from Kiwanis International.

This guide should aid you in raising funds to attend Key Club events. Specifically, it has everything you need to get financial sponsorship to help cover the costs of convention.

If your club chartered a few years back, but hasn’t paid member fees for a year or two, consider reactivating the club with Key Club International. Download, complete and mail this form with the requested club fees to Key Club International.

The Key Club guidebook is a resource containing Key Club International bylaws and board policies that can be actively used in starting up clubs.

Key Club International is teaming up with Project Happiness. The partnership provides for members an opportunity to set up events focused on happiness in your school. Specifically, members can take part in the Happiness Habit Challenge.

 The Key Club brand guide was designed to help you build your Key Club’s brand while you’re putting your creativity in action. Inside the brand guide, you’ll find information about the official Key Club logos, fonts, colors, doodles and more.