DIY Face Masks

  • Could do a live/pre-recorded “follow-along” event via Zoom, or instead, create a unique method that works for your club

  • Students could take pictures periodically to show the process of actually making the mask

  • Distribute or donate to peers, locally, or mail it to places in need such as hospitals, hospice centers, or other locations accepting donations

  • Much less wasteful than single-use, disposable masks, and they’re super easy to clean

Virtual Race/Run

  • Host a remote 5k (or 1 mile, undefined distance, or any distance that works best for your club)

  • Students can track their distance with a phone or wearable device (fit bit, apple watch, etc.)

  • More flexible about when/where a student participates

  • Perhaps raise money for a fundraiser by having students find a sponsor (parent, grandparent, neighbor, etc.) to donate X dollars for every X mile(s) ran

Handwrite a friendly letter/Become a Pen Pal

  • Brighten someone’s day with handwritten (or virtual) letters

  • Plenty of people could use some community support right now, so consider sending someone a couple positive letters once or twice per month 

  • You’ll likely even receive a response too! It certainly feels pretty good receiving handwritten letters regularly (from both ends of the interaction)